Education and Work Ethics

Doon School, in Peel region, understands the importance of quality education while students develop good work ethics.

In today's world, both our life and work environments require more thinking skills than actual bookish or content knowledge. The unrelentingly competitive environment has now become even more competitive since today's jobs require people to have a much higher level of adaptability and flexibility. Life skills and work ethics such as initiative, self-direction, adaptability, flexibility, social and cross-cultural skills are crucial in today's environment. Ask any employer today on what are the ideal qualities they're looking for in an employee, and they would say - adaptability, versatility, the ability to be a self-starter; self-learners. Capacity to interact effectively with others is an important skill which will help you in life.

Students today are lacking in areas known as life skills and work ethics. So to correct these errors, Doon Schools introduce Life skills and work ethics to students. As young students, they begin a life skills-based education in the foundational skills: reading, writing, telling time, math, creative thinking, and interacting with others effectively. However, they continue to learn and develop throughout our lives. As they become young men and women, experience and educational training help to teach the skills necessary to live a fulfilling and competent life. These skills will be required in all primary life areas (e.g., career, family, health and vitality, recreation, significant relationships, finance, spirituality, education, physical environment).

Many of the skills mentioned above will be essential throughout their lives. Some will be particularly important during various stages of life. These steps do not occur in an entirely linear fashion. They cycle through portions of each stage throughout life; however, specific skills are dominant in each stage. Many youth suicides and depressing phases in children/adolescents can be averted with the right kind of education to the child and the adolescent. Life skill education can play a great role in alleviating such trying moments in a child/adolescent. Life skills are the abilities which enable the individual to effectively deal in a positive and adaptive manner to the challenges of daily living. At Doon Schools, we have already life skills in our education system. Trained educators have been appointed to facilitate activities to improve students' Life skills and work ethics.

Emotions can be moderated, and a balanced emotional state can be maintained only when the student is well aware of the emotions going through him/her. We also teach empathy, which is another component that needs to be covered extensively. It is the ability to put oneself in another person's shoes and look at the world through the lenses of another person. We set up group discussions, debates, and team activities to enhance their level of empathy. The overall character of the adolescent is improved in this way. We strive to build well-rounded individuals ready to step into the adult world and embrace its complexities with their feet grounded on firm soil, and this will emerge due to the focus on Life skills and work ethics. At Doon School, we make sure our students are better equipped to cope with the growing challenges of modern life with a sense of balance and poise.