Why choose Doon School

Here are 8 reasons why choose Doon School for your child education and academic growth!

  1. We see each student as an individual with a focus on the whole personality

  2. We Provide small class, high academic standards, personal attention and supportive environment

  3. We believe that diversity enriches the educational environment and students need to develop their cultural awareness, so we enroll students from different racial, ethic, cultural and socio economic background

  4. Foster relationships and enrich pro-social behavior such as good manners, empathy, respect for others, honesty and personal responsibility

  5. We encourage the student to regularly exercise, have hobbies and continual learning outside of the school environment!

  6. Our faculty is strictly selected to follow our principals and values. We engage a dedicated and caring faculty that is respected and revered

  7. We want our student to be successful, and we are always by their side, provide them opportunities, excellent service and high-quality education that can make them competitive in nowadays fast-paced academic environment.

  8. We believe that great learning is a combination of in class and real-world knowledge, so we provide tours and trips to border students horizons and everyday knowledge.