Ways to Help Students Misbehaving in Class

Ways to Help Students Misbehaving in Class. There’s always at least one student in the classroom who is the jokester, the instigator, the one who causes disruptions. Teachers don’t exactly look forward to having that student in class any more than the student wants to be in class.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Finding out the reason behind misbehavior is one of the ways that teachers at Doon School in Brampton minimize misbehavior in the classroom.

Many times, misbehavior is caused by a lack of interest and engagement. To prevent problems, teachers provide discovery-based learning activities that encourage students to take ownership of their learning and to learn what they need to accomplish a goal that has real-world application.

For example, students may create a public art presented in a way that is of interest to them on a topic about history. In so doing, they need to learn how to research online effectively and efficiently, how to find information, how to cite references, how to use the software or tools needed to create their presentation, how to give a speech, and then to organize an event for parents and the wider community to showcase what they have learned.

During this entire process, students are more likely to listen, collaborate, and to learn than if they are constantly on the receiving end of boring lectures that they won’t retain.

Another way to help students misbehaving in class is for the teacher to have a set of expectations in the classroom that students help create. With a mutually agreed upon set of expectations for behavior, students again have some ownership and don’t feel so much as if they are being dictated to.

Additionally, when the teacher consistently supports those expectations in the classroom for all students, students are comfortable in what is expected of them and what consequences are if they do not. This routine makes it less likely that there will be misbehavior in class.

Prevention goes a long way to making the classroom more enjoyable.