Ways to Help High Schoolers Find Purpose

High school is such a difficult time for many students as they struggle to find out who they are, what their interests are, and what they want to do in the future. Students often feel locked into identifying the one thing that they will do for a career, but they are not emotionally ready to make that decision in many cases.

At Doon School in Brampton, we want students to explore their futures without pressure. Our wide variety of classes and hands-on methods of teaching encourage students to explore ideas and subjects that they may never have been exposed to in another school.

At home, parents can help their children find purpose by encouraging them to volunteer in different organizations to see if something sparks an interest. Even if the teen is volunteering in an organization whose mission they might not be particularly interested in, perhaps having the opportunity to use their amazing IT skills in a real-life application will be just what they need to decide to study computer science in college.

Encouraging children to read different news stories, books of various genres, and taking trips to different types of museums and events in their teen years are instrumental in helping them to identify what they enjoy doing the most.

From there, students can explore jobs and careers in the fields that are of the most interest to them. They can watch videos of prominent people in the field they like and learn about different professions or organizations they are interested in perhaps supporting or working for.

The more students are exposed to new ideas and ways of life and thinking, the better able they will be to identify a need in the world they are interested in filling. For example, if a student finds they like medicine and are very good at creating apps, they might see that there is a need for a particular kind of data to be instantly given to doctors to treat patients with a certain disease after reading a news story about it. That may then spur them to become an entrepreneur and create that app in the coming years.

Doon encourages parents and teachers to help children find their purpose by constantly showing them various ways of life, different problems and accomplishments in

the world. This is the impetus that will help them find what they want to do and thrive.