Doon Celebrates Different Learning Styles

Each student is unique, and Doon School not only recognizes this, we celebrate it. Students are the core of what we do. We prepare them for life beyond the classroom and help them to innovate and make positive impacts on the world.

Learning styles are more than just a preference for one type of learning. When an instructor taps into them, they are the key to engaging with material and truly learning it.

When our instructors work with our students, they are cued in to what students want. Through building personal relationships with each student, instructors and administrators alike grow to understand what truly motivates each students.

This knowledge is the core of how we teach. It informs the activities that we prepare for students and how we present them.

We encourage exploration, self-reflection, and close scrutiny in every class. We encourage students to be involved in the learning process, in self-growth. When students are aware of how they learn best and recognize that they are learning in a way that speaks to their individual learning styles, they are more likely to be engaged with lesson content and to take more personal responsibility for their learning.

The very ways we teach, in general, speak to many students’ dominant learning styles. We encourage active participation in all lessons, avoid lecturing too much, and provide students with ample opportunities to apply what they have learned in ways relevant to their lives and to evaluate what they learn with a critical eye through activities that get them talking, moving, visualizing, and hearing.

There is no one way that each lesson is presented. Overall, students are exposed to lesson material in more than one way, and that provides multiple opportunities for them to learn in ways that are best for them.

We also strive to improve students’ awareness of different learning strategies and help them to develop both sides of their brains so that they think analytically, listen better, and have improved concentration through programs like our after school Aloha Mind Math program for elementary students.

At Doon, we enter into individual relationships with our students and strive to ensure that their individual learning needs are met and exceeded.