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Math Yoga

A Unique Math and Yoga Program for Kids Between 5 - 13

In today’s academically-competitive environment, you want your child to confidently sail through their classes. What if you could also help your child develop life-long mental math skills that will help them handle complex calculations with ease?


With our innovative math program that teaches children how to perform mental math calculations quickly and easily and to use the abacus to solve math problems with little effort, your child will be ahead of the game at school and in life.


We offer unique brain development program for children between 5 and 15 years of age. What sets us apart, though, is our incorporation of yoga into our program. Our programs utilize yoga in our teaching technique to promote the balance between academic and physical health and growth.


Our classes are scheduled once per week, and each class lasts two hours. The Math Yoga program has 10 levels, and each level lasts between two and three months. With our trained instructors, your child will get the individualized attention they need to succeed.


We combine the powerful benefits of yoga and performing mental calculations into one fun and engaging program for children. They will have fun learning in a relaxed atmosphere and learn to focus and use their brains’ phenomenal power to handle nearly any math problem mentally and with ease.

Give your child a hand up in today’s academically-demanding atmosphere by helping them unlock their brain’s potential for mathematics.

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